How to Have a Happier, Healthier School Year

How to Have a Happier, Healthier School Year

Around here, public school starts up on August 17, so back to school time is officially here!

I know lots of parents who approach the back-to-school season a lot like New Year’s resolution season: I will be more organized this year.  We will eat healthier this year. I will make it to every single PTA meeting… and so on.

Well, one of those resolutions can be pretty easy to keep.  (Sorry, I can’t help you with PTA meetings.) It can be easy to ease your kids into a happier, healthier eating routine for the school year.  Try some of these tips, inspired by our friends at Whole Foods:How to have a Happier, Healthier School Year from

My top 5 tips for healthier eating this school year:

  1. DON’T try to change everything overnight.  If your kids are used to chips and cookies in their lunchbox every day, they’re going to revolt if all you send is carrot sticks and apple slices. Take smaller steps by first swapping out unhealthy snacks with healthier versions — air-popped popcorn instead of potato chips and homemade (lower sugar and fat) cookies instead of Oreos.
  2. DO plan ahead. Let me just ‘splain something to you: you are not magically going to have more time on a Monday morning to pack a healthy lunch just because you have good intentions. Back those good intentions up with some prep ahead of time — pre-package homemade goodies so they’re easy to grab, chop fruit and veggies on the weekend, etc.
  3. DON’T become a food nazi.  There’s no reason for that. Work towards eating healthfully most of the time, and then those birthday cupcakes in colors not found in nature won’t feel like such a big deal.
  4. DO plan for healthy snacks outside the lunchbox, too.  Kids always hungry when they get home from school? Check out this healthy snack list for good ideas.  Many of them are portable. And guess what? An orange is a much better choice than a sugary granola bar before or after sports.
  5. DON’T think that your lunch box is immune, either. Lead by example!  Make healthy eating a family affair.

back to school wfmWant some more healthy lunch and snack ideas? You can come join us at Whole Foods Market Bradburn in Broomfield on August 18 for our back to school cooking demo, featuring local Colorado products! Kids welcome too! Click here to RSVP.

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