Best Organic Prices Denver Metro — Week of Aug. 14

Best Organic Prices Denver Metro — Week of Aug. 14

So, we’re trying something new! People on Facebook indicated they are interested in seeing the best organic grocery deals in our area, so we’re going to try this out!

A few things to remember:

  • These are based on the sales prices for our local stores in the NW Denver metro area. A lot of these deals will be national, but not all! So check your local store flyers.
  • I’m only going to be listing the very best deals on organic foods, and sometimes local produce. So, I’m not listing out everything that’s on sale, just the best sales of the week.
  • I DON’T necessarily recommend shopping at ALL of these stores each week! (The cost of gas and your time may outweigh the savings.) But this is to help you decide where to shop and what to stock up on. A really great deal might be worth an extra trip.
  • If you want more tips on how to save money on organics, click here to see my 40-page ebook, chock-a-block full of actionable ideas and tips.


Organic red and green grapes are on sale for $1.77/lb this week, which is about as low as they go! Stock up and enjoy!  They freeze for a fun frozen treat.

They also have their house organic coffee blend for $5.99/lb, which is a good price.

King Soopers

Good deals on Rocky Ford Cantaloupe ($0.34/lb) and Olathe Sweet Corn ($0.25 each).  Please note that these are local, but not organic. Both sometimes go a little bit lower, but these are good stock-up prices.


Wild-caught Sockeye Salmon is on sale for $7.99/lb which is a GREAT deal and a good sustainable fish choice.

Whole Foods

Our local Whole Foods has organic raspberries, 2 for $5 (doesn’t say what size, but I assume the small box; if it’s the big box, buy them ALL and make jam! Ha!).

Top Round London Broil and Top Round Steaks (step 4) are on sale for $6.99/lb which is a pretty great price for responsibly raised beef.

They’re also doing 25% off all supplements this weekend only, so a good time to stock up if you need them.

Have you spotted any other great deals this week? Let us know in the comments!

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