Breaking Up With Conventional Food

Breaking Up With Conventional Food

You’re standing in the grocery store yet again. You’re in the fruit and veggie section, which is a huge improvement from hanging around the middle of the store with boxes of items resembling food like you used to. You mark that down as a win.

But your palms are sweaty and as your eyes dart back and forth between the organic and regular apples you can feel the uncomfortable dance settle in.

I know apples are on the dirty dozen list.

I know I should be giving my family organic ones.

But why are they so expensive?

Look at all of these regular ones. Look at that steal of a price.

But everyone says I should be eating organic.

I know I should be eating organic.

But my budget is limited.

Will it really matter if I get regular ones today?

Is the organic really worth it?

So you choose. And if you’re like me, some days you choose the organic and feel better about your choices. And other days you choose the regular ones and feel great about budget, but guilty about your choice.

Some days you feel like it’s a no win.

And here’s where my secret trick will completely change your experience next time you hit the grocery store.

breaking_up with conventional food

You, my friend, are going through a breakup.

You see, you’re still on the fence. You’re in the in between world of wanting to make the leap of going fully organic, but for various reasons you just haven’t yet. And that of course is totally okay. We know breakups are hard. We know they take time. We know that it’s a process of letting go.

Don’t you feel better already? A little less guilt maybe?

I’ve noticed that when we take what we learn from our romantic breakups and expand it to other areas of our lives, we invite in an easier and gentler path to our biggest breakthroughs.

Just think about it. What is a breakup really?

  • It’s saying goodbye to something that has become part of your life.

  • It’s saying, “thanks but no thanks.”

  • It’s that moment you realize that you must make a change in order to move forward in your life happy and healthy.

  • It’s a break in an old pattern, something you’ve gotten used to, something that’s not going to continue to be a part of your life.

  • It’s breaking up with the old, so you can bring in the new.

So your approach with organic food is really just a breakup with non-organics. And the breakthrough in this case is learning how to make that switch for a healthier you.

You can stop all of the negative self-talk and guilt when staring down those apples. And this works for any type of food that you’d like a little less of. If you’re trying to lessen your dairy, meat, gluten, chocolate, anything. You can use this approach to claim a healthier you.

Here’s what this approach can do for you:

1. We are gentler and kinder to ourselves and others who are dealing with break ups

This really sets the tone for everything that follows. There is a certain level of compassion that accompanies a break up. We are kinder to ourselves and approach situations with more gentleness.

2. We all recognize that breakups take time
Most of us don’t breakup with things cold turkey. And even if that’s your preference, there is a lot of processing that goes on behind the scenes. When we think in terms of breakups, we tend to give ourselves permission to take the time we need to move forward. We become compassionate about the time it takes to move through it.

3. When we take a stand to break up with something, we invite in a certain amount of power and control
When we say, “hey, I no longer want you in my life,” we’re standing in a place of power. And let’s be honest, that feels fantastic! While we cannot control all that happens to us in life, we can control our reactions. We can control what we choose to have in our lives and what we choose to say “no” to. If you consciously choose to breakup with something then it no longer has power over you.

4. We give ourselves permission to grieve when necessary

The loss of a romantic partner is much like a death. We grieve for the loss of that person and the life we thought we would have. The same can be true for some of our crutches that have been around for years and years. We are ready to see them go and, at the same time, may have to work through the stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance). Again, we are kinder to ourselves when we see that we are working through grief and will eventually land in acceptance.

So invite these breakups into your life and see the transformation that is possible. You’ll be on the road to a happier, healthier you in no time. And remember, on the road to your organic destination, there will be lots of breakups along the way.

Goodbye old! Hello new!

Amy RamseyAmy Ramsey began her own breakup journey in 2010 when she separated from her husband. From there, she went on to break up with her marriage, her full-time job, her mortgage payment, and the town she was living in. Today, Amy is sharing her manifesto to empower women to embrace their break ups and grab their freedom like she did. Her deepest desire is to shift the way women view break ups. 

Amy is a coach, freelance writer, and virtual assistant. Through her unique and fun approach to break ups, Amy guides women how to view their break ups as a dance. She supports them in dancing through their break ups and right into the arms of their biggest break throughs. Her dance card includes coaching and various levels of support for other entrepreneurs. Whatever your style of dance, she’ll be with you the whole way.

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