What is your biggest challenge with meal planning?

So, a few weeks ago, I asked if you’d be willing to fill out a short survey to help me decide what to work on next—and nearly a hundred of you obliged! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it, too, because you made it very clear what I should (and shouldn’t) be working on.

More than half of you answered that you wanted me to work on a “Meal Planning on a Budget” resource right away, and I listened.  I’ve been hard at work writing a new ebook with all my best tips and strategies for basic meal planning, meal planning on a budget, and meal planning when you’re on a special diet (for weight loss or health)—which will be available in January!

But I want to make sure I’m answering your questions.

I was chatting with a friend over the weekend, and she told me that she routinely plans out dinners for the week for herself and her husband.  But she has a very physically and emotionally demanding job, and a lot of nights, she is so wiped out when she gets home that the thought of cooking what she’d planned overwhelms her, and she ends up eating a PB&J sandwich while her husband microwaves some frozen mac and cheese.

I realized that hers is not a totally unique problem and it was something I needed to address.

So now I want to hear what your challenges are so that I can address them in my upcoming book!

Leave a comment below and tell me: What’s your biggest challenge with meal planning?

You can be anonymous or leave your contact info so that I can follow up with you—your choice.  But please take just a moment to help me out so that I can create the best possible resource for you!

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