How to Cook Whole Grains—Free Printable Cheat Sheet {Budget Organic No. 15}

One of the easiest ways to make your diet healthier is to swap out processed grains (white rice, white flour, etc.) for whole grains. And, as a bonus, grains—even organic grains—can be one of the cheapest things on your grocery list if you buy from the bulk bins at your health food store.

There’s only one catch: most people aren’t used to cooking whole grains, and frankly, have no freaking idea what to do with them when they get them home.

Well, problem solved, my friends, because I have created a nifty little cheat sheet you can download and stick in your kitchen or your favorite cookbook.  Now you’ll never be at a loss for how to cook up those delicious whole grains!

The sheet has instructions for how to cook up a dozen different whole grains—some you may never have heard of!  Plus, I’ve given suggestions for how to use them. Download the Whole Grains Cooking Cheat Sheet here.

Now there’s really no reason not to jump on the whole grains bandwagon!

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