Watercress Yogurt Potato Salad from LaughingLemonPie.com

August 31, 2014
by Emily Klopstein

Watercress Yogurt Potato Salad

Ready to try watercress – the super-est (but least practical) superfood? It’s the CDC‘s #1 PFV (Powerhouse Fruit & Vegetables). Despite my shock at its ranking, initial balking, and further obstacles in getting familiar with this impractical and un-versatile superfood, … Continue reading

December 9, 2013
by Lacy

5 Good Mood Foods

by Sara Sullivan RECHARGE NOW!  Every day, millions of Americans complain of being tired & moody. Most of us chalk it up to having too much to do and not enough time to do it. But often the true culprit … Continue reading

raw spicy carrot soup

October 28, 2013
by Guest Author

7 Ways to Easily Eat Raw on the Cheap

Hey there, Lacy here! We’re going to be hosting a few guest posters over the next few weeks! Today I’d like to welcome Simone Samuels of The Wellness Warung. Today, she’s talking about great (and totally inexpensive) ways to incorporate more … Continue reading

101 ways to eat healthy on the cheap from LaughingLemonPie.com

January 7, 2013
by Lacy

101 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Eat Healthy—on the Cheap

Happy new year! I absolutely *love* any excuse for a new beginning, and New Year’s Day is kind of a big one.  I gave up making traditional resolutions a while ago in favor of taking small steps all the time … Continue reading