Is Buying Organic Worth the Cost? {Discuss}

Over at ProBlogger they’ve been putting up some group writing projects recently (prompts and the like) and this week’s suggestion was to write a discussion post.

So I though I’d open it up here and see what you think:

Is buying organic worth the cost? If your family’s budget were drastically cut, would you still buy organic?

A lot of people want to buy organic, or aspire to it, but they keep buying the conventional stuff because of price.  Is this you? What would convince you to buy organic?

And what about those times in your life when suddenly your budget is cut.  We don’t like to think about those times, but would you still make buying organic a priority if it meant buying less food overall?  When would you consider it “OK” to buy conventional?  Is it ever OK to buy conventional?

And here’s a doozy: Do you think eating organic equals eating healthy?

I’m really interested in hearing your answers!



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  1. Yes, I do believe it is better to buy organic. Our regular food supply chain is filled with chemicals and we’re consuming these foods and getting sick as a result. The biggest example is the changes that have been made in wheat over the past thirty years. Research shows there have been a 400% rise in the diagnosis of celiac’s disease since then. This can’t be a coincidence.

    I buy organic as often as I can and will begin to grow my own food at home to save costs.

    • I know, Jocelyn, it’s insane! You have to wonder if all the kids with food allergies are related to the rise in packaged foods and the way we produce them! All those chemicals can’t be doing us any GOOD, am I right?

  2. I think it all boils down to you pay now or you pay later! When you connect the dots and realize that by spending the extra to eat organic foods, you’re consuming less chemicals and pesticides–to me, that’s healthier. Everyone I know who’s developed cancer goes through a ‘what could I have done differently phase’ and eating organic food is something that they usually start, but that’s backwards thinking from my viewpoint. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

    • Absolutely. One of my favorite chefs here in Boulder told me he eats “like he has cancer,” even though he’s perfectly healthy. I think it’s not a bad idea!

  3. “We are what our food eats!” Yes I definitely eat organic! I have had many health challenges and eating food that is full of toxins, chemicals, antibiotics does not translate into a healthy life! My eating strategy allows me to live a healthy, vibrant life medication free and grateful. Much of the food we purchase comes directly from local farmers who farm with no pesticides, herbicides ect. and all our meat comes from farms that pasture raise their animals.
    In Paul Chek’s book ‘You are what you Eat” he states: Dr. Virginia Worthington reviewed 1230 published comparisons between organically grown and conventionally grown crops. The results of her survey indicated that organic crops had higher nutrient levels and lower levels of toxicity in 56% of the comparisons.
    Thanks for the discussion! Best Regards, Wendy UBC

    • “We are what our food eats!” SO TRUE! I’d never heard it put that way, but I LOVE IT! I want a tea towel that says that…

  4. I live a very healthy lifestyle and try to buy organic whenever possible. I run a health and fitness blog called NoSkinnies on which I am always harping about eating “clean”. I have not broached the subject of eating organic though. Your post has lit a fire in my mind that I should do some research and post on the benefits of eating organic. Thank you for your post!
    I found you on ProBlogger Discussion Post contest. I am participating too.

  5. I feel really strongly about organic meat, chicken and dairy products, and will pay extra to avoid all the antibiotics and hormones, less so about fruits and vegetables. I do prefer organic overall though!

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