Is Buying Organic Worth the Cost? {Discuss}

Over at ProBlogger they’ve been putting up some group writing projects recently (prompts and the like) and this week’s suggestion was to write a discussion post.

So I though I’d open it up here and see what you think:

Is buying organic worth the cost? If your family’s budget were drastically cut, would you still buy organic?

A lot of people want to buy organic, or aspire to it, but they keep buying the conventional stuff because of price.  Is this you? What would convince you to buy organic?

And what about those times in your life when suddenly your budget is cut.  We don’t like to think about those times, but would you still make buying organic a priority if it meant buying less food overall?  When would you consider it “OK” to buy conventional?  Is it ever OK to buy conventional?

And here’s a doozy: Do you think eating organic equals eating healthy?

I’m really interested in hearing your answers!



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