2015 Holiday Foodie Challenge

2015 Holiday Foodie Challenge

Merry Christmas October!

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but as of today, you have about 12 weeks until Christmas.

Some of you are probably thinking, “12 weeks? That’s OODLES of time. Why would that alarm anyone?”

While others of you are saying “OMG 12 WEEKS WTHECK! WHERE’S MY WRAPPING PAPER?!?!”

It’s a personality thing.

If you love to MAKE gifts, now is the time to start, so I thought I’d put together a little Holiday Foodie Challenge!

2015 Holiday Foodie Challenge

Here’s how it works:

  1. Hop on over to our Facebook page — be sure to like it if you haven’t already! — and comment “I’m In!” on this post.
  2. Check out our blog post this week for some ideas and start planning out what kinds of gifts you’re going to make and what supplies you need to stock up on.
  3. We’ll have some fun recipes over the next 12 weeks for inspiration.
  4. Post pictures of your gifts and hard work to our Facebook page to inspire others or tag us on our NEW Instagram account @laughinglemonpie and use the hashtag #2015holidayfoodiechallenge.

Some suggestions:

Having done this challenge for myself before, here are a few suggestions for how to make it work best:

  1. Do some pre-planning.  It pays to figure out what you want to make and who you want to make it for right up front.
  2. Make two grocery lists: food and non-food supplies.  That way you only have to make ONE trip to the craft store or container store for bottles and jars!
  3. Make your plan based on how long things take to make — and how long they keep.  If you look at my original Christmas Foodie series, I made the infused vodka first, because it takes a long time to infuse. It also keeps well.  But I made my apricot nut bread last, because it doesn’t keep as well.

To assist with your pre-planning, some amazing ideas and recipes for you to try!

And my previous Christmas Foodie Series:

No. 1: Pepper-Infused Vodka
No. 2: Jam
No. 3: Pie in a Jar
No. 4: Sugar and Spice
No. 5: Hot Chocolate on a Stick
No. 6: Gingies
No. 7: Granola
No. 8: Preserved Lemons
No. 9: Gingerbread Biscotti
No. 10: Cracker Crack
No. 11: Satsumettes
No. 12: Apricot Nut Bread

YOU IN?  Comment here or on our Facebook Page to let us know!  And happy planning!

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