Vegan Cupcakes Haunt Me

I’ve gotta admit…

I’m feeling a little burned out this week.

There are a bunch of little things contributing to this feeling:

  • I’m still recovering from all my baking fails last week—hey, the old ego took a hit, OK?
  • I’m still cleaning up from birthday party on Saturday and actual birthday/opening presents (where the HECK am I going to put them all???) yesterday.  You know how it is; you pull out all the plates and cups and tablecloths and serving dishes… And then they all have to get put away. Eventually.
  • It’s snowing. AGAIN. And as much as I know we need the water, I am OVER it. It is APRIL, OK??
  • The toddler has an eye infection.  AGAIN.  Also over that. (At least this time we got oral antibiotics instead of the dreaded eye drops.) So, we can’t go to MOPS today. Plus it’s snowing.  Did I mention that I’m over the snow?
  • I’ve got a conference to go to this Thursday and Friday and ANOTHER one to go to Monday and Tuesday, and so I need to get a ton of stuff done ahead of time, which is just daunting.
  • Plus, I’m feeling all logy and bloated from all the cupcakes and party food and empanadas (I’m reviewing a restaurant that does empanadas this month=YUM) and stuff. I think it’s totally unfair that vegan and gluten-free do not equal calorie and fat free. If you’re going to work that hard for a cupcake, it ought to at LEAST have the decency not to make you feel fat.

So, anyway, I’m just writing all this to say BLAH, snow, vegan cupcakes haunt me, and I wish I had something more productive to say.  😉

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