Blue Scones and Baking FAIL

Is it warm where you are?  Because we just finished getting our second round of snow in two weeks! Another 12 inches or so at my house (on top of the 14 we already had) has made for a somewhat cold and dreary week.

Luckily, I had BAKING to do for my daughter’s birthday party this weekend! The perfect snow day activity.

Somewhat less luckily, my baking mojo has been WAY off this week.  First, there were the cupcakes that tried to escape their mini muffin cups and then cratered in the middle.  That’s OK! you say, Fill them with frosting! And I totally would have done, except that they were also so sticky in the middle that you couldn’t peel them out of their paper cups.

cupcake fail
The cupcakes are escaping! Cupcake FAIL.


Then!  As if that weren’t enough baking catastrophe for one birthday party, I made orange cranberry scones yesterday and they turned blue.

Not just slightly off color.  These are like smurfalicious blue.

They taste great! But it’s a little off putting to have blue scones when there is NOTHING blue in them!

This one had me so puzzled that I Googled it, and it turns out, it’s probably because I was making vegan “buttermilk” by adding vinegar to coconut milk.  It seemed to curdle nicely, but I guess I didn’t add enough acid.  Something in the baking soda turns some of the anti-oxidants in the cranberries blue, while if you have enough acid, it keeps them pink!

Oh, science, my old friend.  Thank you for explaining that to me!

So, I’m baked up another batch of scones yesterday afternoon, using lemon juice to curdle my milk in the hopes that it will be acid enough to keep the cranberries their appropriate color.  (At least the blue scones are edible, unlike the cupcakes!)  It worked… Sort of.  They are not smurf-blue like the others, but they do have a slightly grayish tinge, although they started out pink.  I think it’s because this particular recipe (adapted from this one) has a whole freaking lot of baking powder in it, and somehow the acid of the lemon juice still wasn’t enough to counteract it.

NO MATTER. The party must go on.  Stay tuned for pictures.  🙂

Have you had any baking mishaps lately? I’d love to hear about them! (So I don’t feel so stupid and alone…)  😉

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