Resources for Living Organic on a Budget

If you mostly read my posts in my e-newsletter, you might not have noticed that I added three new buttons to my webpage! Take a look over there on the right (you might have to scroll down a little).

These are resource pages for YOU collecting my best stuff all in one place. Check it out!

Easy Ways to eat healthy If you want yourself and your family to eat healthier, but you don’t know where to start, well, this is a good place!

I’ve rounded up all my best healthy eating posts here, and if you add it all up, I’ve got more than 332 tips for eating healthy on a budget—crazy, right??

Just think about it: even if you only incorporated a few of these ideas into your daily life, you’d be automatically eating healthier!

I recommend starting with the fruit and veg rule: eat one fruit or veggie at EVERY meal and snack. DONE.

Planning Low-Budget Meals If you’re looking for an easy way to access all my low-cost, organic meal plan ideas, this is the place to go! 

First up, I’ve got two very important articles about how to afford real food on an extremely low budget. This is the one to bookmark and come back to when there’s still a week left in the month and you’ve already spent all (or almost all) of your grocery money, or when you’re in an emergency situation like a lost job, unexpected financial burden, or natural disaster.

Then, for more normal situations (PHEW!) you can turn to my organic on a budget meal plan series that has lots of meal plans you can use as-is, or as examples to help you get in the habit of planning with leftovers in mind.

organic on a budget buttonAnd finally, because most of you are here because you want to be able to eat organics on a budget… All my best posts in one spot!

Here’s the absolute truth: it can be done! And you don’t have to end up eating nothing but organic beans and rice, either. 😉

First, check out the post that started it all with my top seven best tips for affording organics on a budget, then dive right into some more advanced work with my free downloads, the Meat Sheet and the Whole Grains Cheat Sheet.

Wherever you are in your quest to eat more organics, you’re sure to find some good tips here!

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