Low Budget Meals

Low Budget Meals with Real, Whole, Even Organic Foods

SONY DSCBudget meal planning can be a real challenge when you need to find extremely low budget meals, but you can still afford healthy, whole foods—even organic foods—on a tight budget.

I wrote these two posts as a resource for people going through serious hard times, but they’re good tips to remember no matter what your budget. These low budget meals will keep you full and healthy, no matter what your circumstances.

I’ve put together a collection of meal plans that stretch out leftovers over several days—in creative ways!

The Key to Providing Low Budget Meals is PLANNING

My ebook, Meal Planning for Real People will provide you with step by step instructions and all the tools you need to create a meal plan that fits your life and your family’s needs.

The book will introduce you to a brand new approach that I created that makes deciding what to put in your meal plan every week even easier.  It’s called Themes, and it will revolutionize the way you think of your weekly meal plan.  No more repeating the same meals over and over, no more staring blankly at your cookbook or computer, wondering what you should cook.

  • Find out what MadLibs and meal planning have in common with this simple trick…
  • See how Meatless Mondays and Taco Tuesdays can save your meal planning sanity.
  • Learn to organize your recipes so that the perfect idea is always right at hand.
  • Use your meal plan as a tool for sticking to your budget—no matter what it is.

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