Fresh Strawberry Margaritas

Fresh Strawberry Margaritas

This strawberry margarita recipe will make you feel like you’re sipping summer.

Fresh Strawberry Margaritas

Yield: 4–6 servings

Fresh Strawberry Margaritas

This fresh strawberry margarita recipe is NOTHING like the frozen craziness you get at a restaurant. It tastes like fresh-squeezed summer. This recipe makes four servings straight up or six servings with bubbly.


  • 8 oz Grand Marnier
  • 6 oz tequila (I used Piedra Azul Blanco)
  • 8 oz lime juice
  • 14 oz strawberry simple syrup (see below)
  • 8–10 oz San Pelegrino, club soda, or other sparkling beverage (optional)


  1. Mix Grand Marnier, tequila, lime juice, and strawberry syrup in a pitcher.
  2. Rim glasses with a lime wedge or strawberry and dip in salt or a salt, sugar mixture. Put ice in glasses.
  3. Pour in San Pelegrino if using, about 1/3 of the glass, then fill with Margarita mix.


To make strawberry simple syrup: combine equal part sugar and water and bring to a boil. Cool slightly, and combine with roughly an equal measure of strawberries in a blender. BLEND! And strain if desired.

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