Birthday Dining and Shenanigans

My friends and family know me pretty well.

And that’s evidenced by how we spent my birthday.

Up first: My mom and my friend Kuvy (owner of RootPR) conspired to plan to take us all out to dinner at Tim Payne’s new restaurant, Farmer Girl in Lyons.


Go ahead, be jealous: That’s my girl eating a wild mushroom terrine with farm egg.  We also had some gorgeous carrot latkes, falafel, cheese plate, and I had a lovely warming cassoulet.



My sweet husband made sure I got my chocolate fix with a delicious chocolate cake from Indulge Bakery in Louisville. DELISH.

But do you think ONE birthday meal is enough for this crew? Nope. The next part of the celebration came when my sweet friend Butter came over to make me birthday lunch.  It could not have been more perfect: gluten-free waffles (because she and my mom are GF), smoked ham, a perfectly poached egg, and some of the best hollandaise I’ve ever had in my life alongside fresh steamed sweet peas.

DSC_0368 DSC_0366Definitely a fine addition to our collection of fancy lady lunches we’ve had over the years!

DSC_0374 DSC_0379

deviled_easter_eggs DSC_0390

DSC_0391 DSC_0393

Next up was Easter — NOT a part of my birthday celebration, per se, but always a good excuse for a semi-fancy meal. We dyed eggs for the bunny to hide, then deviled them up for dinner with ham, gluten-free sweet-potato biscuits, roasted asparagus, and paleo carrot cake cupcakes.

(Pro tip: Reese’s Pieces bleed when you stick them on top of cream cheese frosting…)

Finally, my friend Kuvy was once again my birthday fairy godmother, because she got me a month’s subscription to the incredible ice cream from Salt & Straw in Portland.

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