Who Made Your Food?

Do you know who made your food?

If you shop at a farmer’s market you probably do.  But if you, like most of us, buy even a few products from your regular neighborhood grocery store, the answer may surprise you.

Statistically, the average grocery store has more than 38,000 items on their shelves.  And, according to this infographic, most of them are made by just 10 companies.

(Click through to view the original at full size.)

For a while now, I’ve tried to avoid buying products by KRAFT, partly because they make a ton of unhealthy food products, and partly because I don’t agree with a lot of their business practices. But looking at this map, I realize I have a few more products to cross off my list (Toblerone?? Really?  Aw, man…).

They just remodeled one of the King Soopers grocery stores near me into a Super King Soopers—thousands and thousands of square feet of products, with everything from fresh meat and produce to baby clothes, toys, sofas and a jewelry store.  It seems like an incredible array of products, a gluttony of choice.

But looking at this, it’s really just an illusion of choice.

What do you think of this consolidation of our marketplace?

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