Tips for Eating Locally — Even in the Winter!

Tips for Eating Locally — Even in the Winter!

Tips for Eating Locally - even in the Winter! from via SALT Bistro, BoulderYou’ve been to SALT the Bistro, right? In Boulder? Super yummy? Where Tom’s Tavern used to be, at the west end of the Pearl Street Mall?

SALT has long been a remarkable place for its very Boulder farm-to-table focus, but now Chef Bradford Heap is pushing further forward – pioneering a GMO-free restaurant. The Daily Camera gives a peek into how challenging that can be. At a recent event, Chef Heap shared some tips for eating locally even in the winter – I’ve gone ahead and added some of my own as well.

Tips for Eating Locally – Even in the Winter

  1. Squash, apples, pears, kale and chard are just a few things that will be ready to harvest during the fall. Buy in bulk and store in a cool, dark place for future use.  You can even DIY your own root cellar (which can be as easy as a box in your garage).
  2. Raspberries and strawberries are still flourishing this time of year. Fresh berries are perfect for preserving into jams and jellies, or you can freeze them for fresh-fruit taste all winter long.
  3. Think outside of the can. In addition to canning your freshly harvested finds, consider pickling and curing. Pickled watermelon rind and cured meats make a nice addition a charcuterie board.  Pickles aren’t as hard or as scary as you think — give it a try!
  4. You can also freeze lots of fresh produce. Just Google “How to freeze…” and the produce you’ve got for your best chance at success.
  5. Eating locally is more than just vegetables and fruit. Keep it local by looking for locally-made products available year round at your local market: local meats, cheese, dairy, etc.

Pork Flatbread from Salt Bistro on LaughingLemonPie.comChef Heap also shared his recipe for Fall Flatbread features pulled pork, apples, arugula and gorgonzola (which sounds AMAZING, right???).

Fall Flatbread photo courtesy of SALT the Bistro.
Apples & tree photo credit: seyed mostafa zamani via Compfight cc

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