The Meat Sheet {Free Download!}

Oh my friends, my friends.  Have I got an awesome freebie for you today!

It’s part tip, part technique, part resource, all rolled up into one!  It’s: The Meat Sheet.

(Click here to download the PDF.)

Just in time for Father’s Day (cos we all know the Dads tend to like their meat) and grilling season, I present to you, The Meat Sheet!

What is it?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  The Meat Sheet is a handy-dandy printable cheat-sheet you can keep in your kitchen or in your recipe collection that shows which cooking methods work the best with which cuts of meat.

So, say you’re trying to keep to a really tight budget, but you still want to buy organic, grass fed, sustainably raised meats.  You check out your local meat counter and see that chuck roast is the cheapest cut of beef this week, by the pound.

What the heck do you do with a chuck roast?

Well, you braise it, of course!  And you know this because you’ve got your handy-dandy meat sheet to tell you. (Don’t know how to braise? That’s OK; just type “recipe,” “chuck roast,” and “braise” into the Google and you’ll get a ton of recipes.)

Maybe the next week, your grocery store is having a killer sale on pork cutlets.  Time to break out the grill!  Your meat sheet tells you that they are perfect for that kind of high-heat cooking.

Isn’t that cool?  Gotta send a huge thank you and shout out to Stephanie Mott at Dragon Belly Creative who took my idea and made The Meat Sheet look so schweet!

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