My Whole30 Results and Review

My Whole30 Results and Review

I had come across Whole30 a while back and dismissed it out of hand as being one of those crazy radical extreme diets I always swore I’d never do. In late July, I saw a fashion blogger I follow, Wardrobe Oxygen, was doing it, and I was intrigued again.  I went to the Whole30 site...

Meal Plan to Lose Weight

Meal planning for weight loss is not much different from regular meal planning—whether you’re counting calories, fat, points, or something else entirely, it’s just one more small thing to keep in mind.  You might change where you look for your recipes or which recipes you choose, but otherwise, the process is much the same....

Reaching Goal

I’ve talked about my weight loss journey on this blog before, and today, I’m thrilled to tell you that I have reached my weight loss goal!