How This One Common Mistake Could be Turning Your Child into a Picky Eater—And How to Fix It

How This One Common Mistake Could be Turning Your Child into a Picky Eater—And How to Fix It

Are you out of ideas to try to get your toddler to try new foods?

I’ve got one easy rule that could be the answer to your dinnertime prayers!  Click play to watch the video below and learn all about the Mix & Match Rule and how it can CHANGE dinnertime at your house forever.

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I started worrying about whether my daughter would be a “good” eater before she was even born.

I have struggled through so much of my life with different food issues, and the thought of passing on my hangups about food—and my weight problems—to my precious baby was terrifying.  I shed more than a few tears wondering if I would be able to give my daughter a “normal” relationship with food.

Once she started eating solids, every bite was filled with anxiety for me: Is she getting the right nutrition? What do I do when she rejects something? What if she doesn’t like vegetables? How do I make sure she eats a wide variety of foods?

Plus, I don’t know about you? But in my brain, food equals love!  Whenever my daughter rejected a food, it felt like she was rejecting me.

In short: I was a MESS at every meal (and not from flying baby food!).

So I started researching everything I could find about how to raise a healthy eater, and that’s when I discovered the Mix & Match Rule and created the Deluxe chart to take the drama out of meal times.

Today, my toddler is a world-class eater.  She tries everything we put on her plate—and more often than not, she eats it happily.  That goes for everything from peanut butter to sushi and from cookies to raw veggies.

What is the Deluxe Mix & Match Meal Chart?

The Deluxe Mix & Match Meal Chart is a simple tool to enable you to serve healthy, balanced, diverse meals to your child with less time and money wasted on planning meals your family won’t eat.

I’m offering a blank version of the Mix & Match Meal Chart for free below if you want to try it by yourself, but if you’re really serious about ending the dinner drama, I’m also offering a deluxe version for parents who want some expert guidance in implementing the Mix & Match Rule and using the Mix & Match Meal Chart with their families.

My children are happy about dinner again and so is my hubby. It makes things easier on me too.

The Deluxe Mix & Match Meal Chart has been so amazingly helpful to my family. You wouldn’t think something so simple would be so useful but it has been so great for us.

I loved that it helped me get away from cooking the same things over and over again. It made making a menu for the week simple… It has made cooking for my whole family less stressful.

Jamie Webber

Here’s what you will get with the Deluxe Mix & Match Meal Chart:

  • 5 weeks of meal charts that make providing an endless array of healthy, nutritious, whole food options at every meal a breeze.
  • Each chart is broken down with 25 healthy food options in each food group, for each week.
  • Mix and Match between all five weeks and you’ll have 390,625 unique meal combinations, every one of which forms the basis of a nutritionally balanced meal.
  • The unique chart format will save you hours of meal planning time. (How long would it take you to plan almost 400,000 nutritious meals?!?)
  • Each week’s chart comes with a printable grocery list to make shopping that much easier.
  • And, each week comes with recipe suggestions to get you started creating delicious, healthy meals.

Right now you might be thinking, “That’s great, but that would never work for my family.”

But I’ve designed this product to work for every family—every family that’s willing to work for themselves, that is.

Because, the truth is, a picky eating problem isn’t going to solve itself.  It takes time to overcome the habits that your child has developed and to teach her healthier new ones.  If you’re looking for the “magic bullet” that will immediately change your picky eater into a gourmande, this isn’t it.

But, if you’re willing to make the changes necessary to teach your child healthy eating habits, then the Deluxe Mix & Match Meal Chart will make that journey much, much easier.

It takes the ‘thinking’ out of it, so the stress of having to plan is taken away…even though I still have to work at making the meals 😉

Seeing all those different kids of food that I had ‘forgotten’ about was refreshing. I often find myself in a rut with the choices and tend to forget stuff.

Following this simple plan has helped me open up to see that even though I thought my girl was not eating too many different things she actually was! And I was also given the push to try offering other foods that I thought she would never eat just to try, and to keep presenting.

Elsie Escobar

Here are some of the results you can expect:

  • You’ll never have to fall back on junk foods when your kids start saying, “I’m hungry!” because you’ll always have the elements of a balanced, nutritious meal or snack on hand.
  • You can give up worrying if your child is getting the right nutrition, because you’ll know that he’s eating fruits, veggies, complex carbs and protein at every meal.
  • You will save up to $100 a year over subscription-based meal planning products.
  • You’ll teach your child to happily taste new foods, end the nightly dinner drama and make dinner time something to look forward to again.
  • If you have older kids, you’ll have a simple tool to help them to feed themselves—and ensure that they eat something healthy, even when you’re not there.
  • Likewise, you’ll be confident that babysitters, grandparents, older siblings (even your partner?) will be able to feed your child a healthy meal when you’re away.
  • You’ll also be able to completely customize this system to fit your family’s unique needs.

If you are the sort of person who is willing to make the effort to really change your child’s eating habits, then I’ve made it easy to get started.  Just click the ADD TO CART button below to get the Deluxe Mix & Match Meal Chart PDF download instantly—for only $9.95.



You’ll be taken directly to your shopping cart where you can enter your information and then check out with PayPal quickly and securely.  After you have confirmed your payment information with Pay Pal, you’ll receive your link to download the PDF.

But wait!  There’s more:

Once you purchase the Deluxe Mix & Match Meal Chart, you’ll also get five weeks of BONUS tips, tricks, and resources delivered by email to ensure your success, including:

  • Six tricks for getting your kid to JUST TASTE IT!
  • One simple rule to get your kid to eat more vegetables—guaranteed.
  • The one thing on your table that may be sabotaging your healthy meal plan.
  • A surprising X-factor that could be causing your picky eating problem.
  • And more!

I want you to feel like you can try this completely without risk, so here’s my guarantee:

If you don’t believe the Mix & Match Meal Chart is working for you, let me know within 30 days and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Here’s a disclaimer though:  I am not a doctor or a registered dietitian, and the Mix & Match Meal Chart is not medical advice.  Before changing your child’s diet, you should always consult with your pediatrician.  Picky eating problems can be very complex, and you and your doctor should discuss any possible medical causes before making a change in your child’s diet.

Huge value, tiny price—but not forever.

If I were to sell this as a subscription-based meal plan, I could easily charge up to $120 a year for these menus—and you saw how many different meals are included, right? You’d have to subscribe for more than 1500 YEARS to get them all!  (I’ll let you do the math on that one—it’s ridiculous!!)  But right now I’m giving them all away for a single payment of $9.95 because I want to make feeding your child healthy meals a breeze.

I’m selling it at this ridiculously low price because I want to reward my loyal readers who have stood with me as I’ve started up this website and this business! But I will almost certainly have to raise the price sometime in the future, so don’t delay.

If you’re concerned about your child’s eating habits, the time to start changing them is now. Each day you wait is one more day that your child won’t be getting the nutrition he needs, and one more day that reinforces poor eating habits.

Why not take that first step to change your child’s health and habits? Click “Add To Cart” to get the Deluxe Mix & Match Meal Chart today.


If you want to try out the free version first, that’s OK too!  Click the image to get your free download or use the sign-up box below:

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