GIVEAWAY! Colorado Valentine’s Day Chocolate Basket from Regional Makers

GIVEAWAY! Colorado Valentine’s Day Chocolate Basket from Regional Makers


OK, now that I’ve got your attention… ūüėČ

Just in time for Valentine’s day, Colorado gift company, Regional Makers, has announced its first annual ‚ÄúValentine‚Äôs Day Chocolate Tasting Contest‚ÄĚ with five different Colorado gourmet chocolates‚ÄĒand today, I’m giving away their Valentine‚Äôs Day Seasonal Basket¬†($35) featuring the five chocolates from the contest.

Brace yourself:  this is some SERIOUSLY good chocolate.

Regional Makers Valentine's Chocolate Box

First, you’ll try chocolate in its purest form with roasted cacao beans‚ÄĒthe main ingredient in chocolate.¬† Nova Monda‚Äôs chocolate-covered cacao beans come from a single species of cacao tree, on a single farm in Ecuador.¬† These magic beans are organic and fair-trade.¬† They are peeled, roasted, and rolled in 80% chocolate.

Second, enjoy chocolate in the European style:¬† from a jar with a spoon! (Man, those Europeans really know what’s up.) ¬†This chocolate is made from the same cacao beans, ground and mixed with just a splash of coconut oil and a dash of evaporated cane juice, so feel free to dig in.¬† You can also melt it to make amazing chocolate fondue or homemade truffles.

Next, savor two classic chocolate bars from Chocolove and Nova Monda.  Both have inspiring credentials.  They are certified fair-trade and organic, contain high levels of cacao (73% and 80%, respectively), and they boast plenty of flavor to match all of the fancy labels.

Finally, to lighten things up, slice off a wedge of Boulder Artisan’s chocolate fudge.¬† To fit the season, the fudge is cut in the shape of a heart and artistically dipped in red wax to keep it fresh.

Feel free to order a basket on‚ÄĒbut if you want one, do it now! ¬†There’s a limited number of baskets available.¬† As you check out, you can write a free gift message on a beautiful Colorado postcard, so it will be the first thing your Valentine sees when he or she opens your gift.

Or, if you’re our LUCKY winner, you might get all that chocolaty goodness for free! ¬†What do you think: Would you keep it or give it away? ¬†(We won’t tell!)

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Anyone can vote for their favorite at  Regional Makers pre-selected chocolates that are unique and delicious in their own right, so the challenge for tasters will be deciding what kind of chocolate they like best.

And keep your eyes open, because¬†Regional Makers plans to release a new Seasonal Basket every three months in 2013 to promote ‚ÄúColorado Proud‚ÄĚ specialty foods that are in tune with the season.¬† These will be limited-quantity and limited-time offers.

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