Foraging: Stuffed Yucca Blossom Recipe

Foraging: Stuffed Yucca Blossom Recipe

wild foraged Yucca flowers

There’s something so poetic about eating flowers, as in this easy yucca blossom recipe.  Butterpowered Bike mentioned fairies when we were collecting elderflowers on our foraging jaunt, and I couldn’t get the image out of my head.  Tiny, dainty fairies dining on delicate white flowers.

Yucca flowers are not quite so tiny, but you could pretend they were tiny—if you were pretending that you were also tiny.  Like a fairy…  Eating flowers…

No?  Just me?  OK then.

Here in Colorado, wild yucca blossoms are easy to find in the spring. Remember not to remove all the flowers from any single plant; leave some for the birds, bugs, and the plant to propagate normally.

I decided to create a stuffed yucca blossom recipe with my blossoms from a recipe I found online. The original calls for goat cheese, but I only had feta.  It worked beautifully.

Stuffed wild foraged Yucca Flowers

Wash and dry your yucca flowers thoroughly, checking for bugs.  We found that breaking off the large middle stamen of the flower made for easier stuffing, but that’s up to you.

Place a piece of feta and a sprig of rosemary inside each flower with a drizzle of honey.

Wisk an egg and heat a skillet with just a touch of olive oil.

Dip each flower into the egg and pan-fry gently until just golden on all sides.

Serve immediately with extra honey for drizzling and feta for sprinkling as desired.

fried stuffed wild yucca blossoms

Other yucca blossom recipes you can try include marinating them like artichokes. They have a very similar flavor and texture, and make a great local, foraged alternative for your antipasti plates. This yucca blossom recipe is best with fresh blossoms, but the marinated variety can be preserved in the vinegar and oil and enjoyed year-round. An easy way to preserve the flavors of spring.

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