Looking for Cheap Protein? Eat an Egg (With These Recipes)

Looking for Cheap Protein? Eat an Egg (With These Recipes)

When you’re looking to eat healthfully on a budget, responsibly raised eggs are a staple. By responsibly raised, I mean eggs that come from happy chickens.

Our friends at NestFresh sent us a round-up of tasty egg recipes that won’t break the bank from their website.


The nice thing about NestFresh is that their entire product line is 100% cage-free, so you can choose from there which options meet your family’s needs and budget — whether you choose to go organic, GMO-free, pasture-raised, etc.

Here’s the breakdown from NestFresh on what each designation really means:

All NestFresh Eggs are 100% Cage Free and humanely raised. Our hens are fed an all vegetarian diet and are raised without hormones or antibiotics. Simply, NestFresh Eggs come from happy, healthy hens.

Non-GMO Free-Range

Bearing the Non-GMO Project Verified seal, these eggs come from cage free, free range hens free from GMOs.

Pasture Raised

NestFresh Pasture Raised Eggs go beyond cage free with at least 25 square feet of pasture per hen.

Cage Free Brown

These are our most popular eggs. They are the all-natural, farm fresh eggs from happy, healthy hens.

Cage Free White

These eggs are classic NestFresh—free of cages, antibiotics, hormones, and harmful chemicals.


The hens that lay these eggs are cage free, free roaming and are certified organic.


With 225 mg. of Omega-3 fatty acids, these eggs are the best choice for healthy heart, brain, and eye function.

Vitamin B Folate Fortified

Our fortified eggs provide 6 times more Folid Acid and 3 times more B12 than a regular egg.

Medium Eggs

The same cage free eggs you love in a smaller, more economical medium size.

Jumbo Eggs

If you’re really hungry, grab our 100% cage free eggs in the largest size available.

Understanding these designations can help you make the healthiest and most economical choice for your family.

Then you can make something crazy tasty like this spaghetti with caramelized onions and fried eggs. Uh, YUM.



What’s your favorite egg recipe?

This post is sponsored by NestFresh, but my love of “eggies,” as my daughter calls them, is entirely my own.

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