34° Nachitos Rojos

34° Nachitos Rojos

Leftovers got you down? Not once you discover 34° Crisps! (Is that just the cheesiest thing you’ve ever read!? HA, I know – But it’s true). Nachitos on LaughingLemonPie.com

We could talk all day about how well 34° Crisps pair with all kinds of cheeses – but for me their real magic is in lunchtime leftover transformation. Leftovers have never had it so good. 34° Crisps transform an ugh-leftovers-again? lunch into a whole new experience.

Nachitos Rojas are a lovely little take on nachos using 34° Whole Grain Savory Crisps and leftover red chile beef with the addition of avocado slices, sour cream dollop, and honey chipotle drizzle. Using the Whole Grain Crisps saved me 135 calories and 8 grams of fat – gracias 34°!  Fat/cal savings are for 9 34° Crisps vs using 9 regular tortilla chips. All the crunch of nachos, but way less cal. As they say: Mucho Sabor!

I made a big batch of this Cooks Illustrated Recipe for Carne Deshebrada but used guajillo peppers rather than the anchos they recommend. I made it on a Sunday in the oven, but for weekday dinner I would totally modify this recipe for the slow cooker.

Honey Chipotle Sauce from LaughingLemonPie.comHold up a minute – Honey Chipotle Drizzle? Yes, you read that right. And it is basically the greatest thing ever. It’s such a staple in our household it gets its own squeeze bottle. And the “recipe” couldn’t be simpler – Empty one 5.8 oz bottle of Bufalo Chipotle Hot Sauce into a 10 ounce squeeze bottle (I got a bunch at a restaurant supply store once, but you can (of course) find them online). Fill the rest of the way with honey and shake vigorously. In other words, Honey Chipotle Sauce is about a 60/40 ratio of store-bought chipotle sauce to honey.

FYI: 34° provided LaughingLemonPie with crackers to sample, but we were not compensated otherwise for this post, and all opinions are (as always) our own.

What’s your best leftover coup? Or 34° creation? Share below!

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