Gluten Free & Allergy Friendly Foods Show Winners!

Got some free tickets to the Gluten Free & Allergy Friendly Foods Show here in Denver, and it just so happened that my mom, who has celiac, was in town. So we grabbed our swag bags and ate our way through the show!

Here were some of our standout favorites:

RPS Gluten Free Linguini Pasta — Available at Whole Foods here in Colorado (search here to find out if you can find it near you), and on Amazon in bulk, this pasta has a great chew and taste. We tried the rotini just with olive oil and a little salt and it was tasty.

New Planet Gluten Free and Gluten Removed Beers — Wait, gluten free beer that actually tastes like beer??? It does exist! We tried the blonde ale and it was great. I’d love to try the raspberry ale as well.

Forno de Minas Traditional Cheese Bread — We tried several types of pão de queijo at the show and these were by far the best. Made with cheese and tapioca flour. A different vendor had the idea to put a bunch in a cake pan to make a sort of pull-apart pizza and that sounded like a great idea to us!

Pigasus Pizza Box — The standout of the show were these Pigasus frozen pizzas. Currently in three gluten-free flavors (and about a dozen more non gluten-free) these were OUTSTANDING. Great crust, great toppings, great chew and flavor. You can order them shipped to you from their website (for about the price of a delivery pizza each) and it’s a (cancel any time) monthly subscription. Maybe a great gift for the serious pizza lover in your life.

Really, between this and the beer, mom and I were in gluten-free heaven!

Aime’s Love Gluten Free Bakery and Cafe

And finally, you know they had to be good if I spent $20 on four cinnamon rolls — but they really were that good! We were blown away by the samples from Aime’s and now I’m thinking the next time mom visits we may have to find an excuse to go to Longmont! Their menu is huge, including 22 varieties of pie, 14 varieties of cake (with many different filling and frosting combos), cookies, cupcakes, and bars as well as breakfast sandwiches, bagels, crepes, paninis and more. Definitely worth a field trip or a stop if you’re in Longmont!

Happy birthday, Mom! What better way to celebrate than snacking our way through a gluten-free paradise?!

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