Should you join a co-op?

August 12, 2013
by Lacy

Should You Join a Food Co-op? A Review of Bountiful Baskets

I’m always looking for ways to save on organic produce, and this past week, my family decided to try something new: a food co-op. A friend told me about a national food co-op called Bountiful Baskets. Here’s how it works: … Continue reading

budget organic meal plan

June 3, 2013
by Lacy

Budget Organic Meal Plan No. 5: Meat Lite

Most of my previous meal plan suggestions have started with a “Sunday” roast and then stretched the meat and other leftovers over the rest of the week. This one is a little different, in that it’s pretty meat-lite, and doesn’t … Continue reading

84 Healthy Snack Ideas from

January 14, 2013
by Lacy

84 Healthy Snack Ideas

Snacking is a big part of any healthy eating plan, but it can be fraught with problems. First of all, if you rely on store-bought, pre-packaged snacks, you’re going to be spending an arm and a leg—especially if they’re organic.  But if … Continue reading

August 1, 2012
by Lacy

12 Creative Ways to Use Up Vegetable Scraps {Budget Organic No. 1}

I’m challenging myself to eat more sustainably over the next year—and documenting the steps I take in this series, inspired by an article in the Jul/Aug 2010 issue of Whole Living Magazine. Local, organic, free-range, rainforest certified, antibiotic-free—it can get really … Continue reading