Weekly Wrap-Up: The Receipt Edition

What I’m Eating:
• Decent Chinese-American lunch at the Golden Lotus in Boulder (I had never been!)
• The chipotle steak sandwich from Mod Market is WAY better than your typical fast food. I like that they use real ingredients—and that they print nutrition data on your receipt!
• Made this sinful Maple-Bacon Biscuit Bake from the King Arthur Flour website last weekend.  Absolutely delicious.

What I’m Reading:
Food Embrace is my new blog to read this week.  Hi Andrea! Thanks for commenting and introducing me to your blog.  She’s all about being healthy with real food. Great stuff.
• I like this round-up of healthy food trends in 2012. Except, I might have to take umbrage with Brussels sprouts; every place I’m seeing them, they’re fried or cooked with bacon fat or something—like the new fried Brussels sprouts leaves on the menu at The Pinyon. Delish! But maybe not so healthy. 😉
• The New York Times has an interesting article examining whether we should all go gluten-free—at least some of the time.
• And a great interview with Mark Bittman about his career, his writing, and his new e-book Cooking Solves Everything. LOVED this quote and I want to draw sparkly pink hearts all around it:

the biggest difference is not between a conventionally grown head of broccoli and organically locally grown head of broccoli, the biggest difference is between a head of broccoli and a cheeseburger

What’s Happening:
• Oak at Fourteenth is now open for lunch!
• Menus have started popping up for Restaurant Week!  Where are you going? I’m thinking maybe Colterra is in the cards for me this year…
Asti D’Italia is hosting a “Taste of Southern Italy” wine dinner on the 25th. Reservations recommended.
Cured has started offering wine tastings on Tuesday evenings from 4 to 7pm and will start offering classes on different subjects every Thursday evening, starting Jan. 26th with Cheese Basics.  Cost is $35 and you must pre-pay to reserve your space. They have also started stocking their freezer with porchetta roasts from Il Mondo Vecchio ($10/lb),  fresh sausage from Il Mondo Vecchio ($5/lb) local, organic chickens from Growing Gardens ($12 each), whole fillets of Alaskan Sockeye salmon from Boulder local Matt Abouisse ($18/lb) and smoked salmon ($28/lb). Just ask at the cheese counter.

I think there was also some rumor about some new grocery store opening in Boulder, but I don’t really know what that was about…  (J/K It’s TJ’s!!!)*

*Yes, Andra, that required THREE exclamation marks.  😉

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