Pork Belly Rueben at SALT the Bistro

the dining room at SALT

I’ll let you in on a little secret: One surefire way to my heart is a restaurant that can take a familiar classic and put a truly fresh spin on it.

Enter the roasted pork belly rueben at SALT the Bistro in Boulder.  Fresh rye bread from Udi’s, housemade sauerkraut, creamy melted Swiss cheese, housemade dressing, and salty, savory slices of roasted pork belly—served, of course, with a side of SALT’s excellent French fries and housemade ketchup.  The combo was divine, interesting, yet familiar and totally delicious.  But be warned: it’s huge!  I brought half of it home to my happy hubby.

If you’re out hitting the Boxing Day sales on Pearl Street this week, this sandwich will give you the energy to power through.  And if you wanted to order it with a blood orange and rosemary lime fizz with tequila, well, it might be just perfect.

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