Pizzeria Locale

When my editor asked if I wanted to have lunch with her at Pizzeria Locale, in Boulder right next to their big sister restaurant Frasca, my answer was “Yes,” and then, “When and why?”

The why was simply because we could, which was as good a reason as I needed.  We showed up at a frosty lunch time and got to sit at the bar, facing the pizza station.  Who needs tables when you get that sort of entertainment for free?

The server highlighted the authentic touches of the restaurant, including the knives, imported from Naples, specifically for cutting the pizza.

We started with salads that were delicious and well balanced.  My simple antica salad benefited from a generous sprinkle of sea salt that actually added a pleasant crunch to the experience.

My editor ordered the Mais pizza, which was a totally unusual—and completely devourable—combination of creme fraiche, mozzarella, sweet corn and house-sliced proscuitto.  I went for the Diavola, with mozzarella, basil and tissue-thin slices of salami.  Both were beyond delicious into the realm of heavenly.

For dessert, we couldn’t pass up a bowl of gelati, despite the weather.  Served in a cunning mirrored bowl, the chocolate, coconut and mango/orange flavors were an absolute delight.

It was the sort of lunch we wanted to go on forever.  We would have been happy sitting there watching the chefs churn out pies for hours on end—as long as we could keep sampling for at least that long.

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