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Ok, if you’ve even heard of the Bitter Bar, you know they’re going to have great cocktails. And they do. But the thing that I think is flying under the radar right now is that they have FANTASTIC desserts.

Jennifer Bush, their new pastry chef, has got some serious chops. Fun, slightly familiar, yet totally unique desserts populate her killer menu. Selections like
Sticky Chocolate Cake with chocolate saltine cracker toffee (which I’m guessing is something like this), bourbon butterscotch ice cream, and chicory caramel; and s’mores with cinnamon graham crackers, toasted vanilla bean marshmallow, and agostoni organic milk chocolate.

I sampled the Opera Cake, which was incredibly delicate and complex with pepita joconde, peanut butter cream, espresso splash, abuelita ganache, peanut dacquoise, toasted quinoa, coffee ice cream, and peanut butter powder. But the real star of my visit was the gingerbread. Spicy and dense, served in a toffee sauce with creamy ice cream and candied bacon popcorn on top, it was an incredible feat of dessert artistry.

Go. Drink. Eat a couple of their great small plates. But if you do nothing else, ORDER DESSERT!

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