Authentic Albuquerque Fare at Jack N Grill

Being a New Mexico native, my husband is always skeptical when a restaurant outside the state’s square boarders claims to be “New Mexican cuisine,” so it was with a little trepidation that we visited the newest location of Jack-n-Grill in Westminster.

We were, however, pleasantly surprised.  The menu states that the family is from Albuquerque, and indeed, the menu feels like something you might find on Central Ave. Regular Mexican menu favorites are offered alongside New Mexico specials like stuffed sopapillas, posole, pueblo tacos (made with tortillas, unfortunately, not fry bread) and plenty of green chile.

My husband tried the taco sampler, which he proclaimed good, but in need of sauce.  Luckily he ordered a side of pork green chile which fit the bill.  I had the Frito pie, which was as authentic as it comes and an absolutely hedonistic delight of low-brow foodie-ism.

This isn’t New Mexico cuisine you’d find in Santa Fe or Taos, with fancy ingredients or plating.  This is the salt of the earth, roadside fare you’d find in, well, Albuquerque, and lives up to expectations as such.

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