Reviews in Review

by Jenifer Harrington for Yellow Scene

I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but I’m a little burned out on eating out.

I’ve been working on putting together my list for Yellow Scene’s annual Top 25 Dishes feature, which comes out in February.  (You can see last year’s here.) I’ve eaten out every day for the last week and I’m starting to reach burn out level.

Which isn’t to say it hasn’t been an amazing week!  I’ve had lobster ravioli and rack of lamb at L’Atelier, a pork belly reuben at SALT, the sous vide pork sandwich at Pizzeria Basta, the corned beef hash at Tangerine and the mess of shrimp at the Bitter Bar.

It was all fantastic!  I’m just a little full now.

So while I digest a little, enjoy a round-up of my restaurant reviews for Yellow Scene from 2010:


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