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Ice Cream at Pizzeria Basta

Have you tried the housemade ice cream at Pizzeria Basta?  The flavors change frequently, but when I was in a couple of weeks ago, we tried the smoked vanilla and the smoked porter.

According to the server, they smoke the cream in the pizza oven for a really unique flavor.  I really enjoyed the smoked vanilla, but the smoked porter was just a little too strong—too many competing flavors—for my taste.

Rumor has it they’ve also done a maple speck ice cream, which sounds divine.

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  1. I really like the smoked vanilla ice cream and think it’s clever how they put the ice cream base in the wood burning pizza oven to infuse it with smoke. I have not tried the smoked porter. Recently had the burnt caramel ice cream and found it too tame…wanted more intense caramel to balance the smokey flavor. I love how Chef Kelly embraces experimentation with flavors and techniques- keeps things interesting over at Basta.

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